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How can future smart wearables help prevent infections like coronavirus?

smart wearables

We all know how the deadly epidemic of the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on our world. The truth is that people living today may never have experienced such a situation. As we discuss what corona has created in the world, the most important issue we are talking about is how to prevent such deadly epidemics in the future. We don’t know what the future holds for this world. One thing is clear: man will take good care of his existence. Technology giants have been investigating life on Earth’s outside. But it may be some time now that man begins to think that there is an unseen enemy with an unpredictable foe. If on Earth we can’t fight him, then how can we fight the enemy on Mars? It is a subject that needs to be pondered. When we think about these things, how can we deal with such things in the future is a big question. Tools like Smart Wearables may sometimes help us in the future with similar dangers.

We know about some wearables. As an example, the Apple Watch has recently become more popular as a health tool than a digital watch. As well as many other digital wearables. Let’s see how future smart wearables protect humans against possible virus threats.

The most important IoT device in the future will be Smart Wearables.

The Smart Wearable collects all our physical activity and information about our illnesses just like an Apple Watch captures our health data. The Artificial Intelligence used in Smart Wearables identifies external objects that can enter our body. If we are infected with any harmful virus in our body then immediately issue a notification and transmitting that information to related areas depending on the severity of the virus

Smart Wearables can create contact maps by combining location detailing and travel information.

We cannot predict what kind of disease will come in the future. Maybe it’s part of a bio war. Whatever the case, it is very important for us to be safe from such threats. When someone is a carrier of a disease, it is important to know the travel information of that particular person because It is also helpful in cutting the chain of spreading the disease. Smart Wearables prepare travel history of a person when he/she become the carriers of an epidemic. Such as collecting all the travel information and contact information of that particular person therefore helps to break the chain of spreading the disease.

Identifying the viruses in our environment makes us safer.

Smart Wearables examines our surroundings and identifies the objects contained therein. It tells us if there is anything that is harmful to our body. As such, it examines the people we are involved with and identify whether they are the carriers of any epidemic. Identifying this enables us to interact safely with the community. It can also make others safer. Using artificial intelligence in our wearables, we can detect viruses and other potential dangers around us.

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