How to prevent bio warfare using technology


We all know the coronavirus has reached the world today. People are scared inside four walls without getting out. Countries cross their borders. Everyone is denied freedom. The economic situation is undermined. The world has changed as we never expected. Perhaps this will change tomorrow. There may yet be one or more of these. As Bill Gates puts it, the major threat to the world today will not be war between nations, but rather the widespread outbreak of disease, which may be the cause of humanity’s pursuit of survival. Technology giants looking for extraterrestrial life are probably wondering why this scenario was not foreseen. And now they are wondering what can be done to prevent this from happening again. From time immemorial, it was the same epidemic that wiped out humanity. The spread of the plague took the lives of many people. As well as many other diseases, such as Ebola. We must take many precautions so that the world does not change in a way that we are afraid to even see each other in the future. Maybe people are getting more into the world of Facebook than talking to them in person. People probably believe that more. This is because they do not recognize the people they are talking to or familiar with are the carriers of the disease.

Let us see what we can do with technology to prevent such diseases in the future.

Public areas scan people with built-in intelligence.

Today, one of the biggest things that countries do in the spread of coronavirus is stopping people  and measuring their body temperature in airports, shopping malls, and everywhere  and isolating people who start seeing symptoms. One way we can get ahead is to install such equipment’s which identifies diseases and their carriers. When these tools are placed in all public places, the built-in intelligence that is used in them understands which people are the carriers of the disease. Understanding that information enables us to inform the health department and take additional precautions. One of the major challenges for companies is the development of such tools.

Develop any tool to identify if you are a self-serving carrier.

As we now do fitness tracking with tools like the Apple Watch, we need to develop tools that help us identify whether we are a carrier of ourselves. Similarly, the information we receive from it can be communicated to the concerned departments to create a situation in which we are saving our society.

Location sharing and route map creation.

We know privacy is a very important thing for a person. But when it comes to a disease, the safety of society is more important than privacy. When we are the source of a disease, identifying where we are going and the people who are involved is important to preventing the spread of the disease. Developing tools that automatically generate our location-dependent routemap is an important step in our disease prevention in the future.

Create a database on potential diseases in the future using built-in intelligence

Generate data on the potential for future epidemiological diseases using built-in intelligence and algorithms. That way we can develop a formula for vaccines to combat it. Satellites give us information about hurricanes and tornadoes. What we need is a system that is just like that. We save lives by getting information about natural disasters in advance. Similarly, we can prevent the spread of disease.

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