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Digital Marketing

Today, people do better business by online methods. As the competition is high, creating good online strategy is very important.Calpar helps our business partners in making their online presence better.


We create digital assets which involves text content and images in order to post for social medias such as facebook, twitter and Linkedin


Our team creates digital contents in the form of texts and images for various strategies such as SMM, SEO and digital branding.


Calpar creates strategies in search engine optimization and makes the websites perform good in search results


Calpar has a team of creative individuals who makes promotions of your business through online with digital contents and tools.

people are online.
So, strategy is important

At calpar, our intent is to deliver a complete SEO and social media marketing solution which is designed to improve the net revenue and customer engagement program

By using SEO & strategies for social media and the implementations based on the result of analysis, social media trends we are confident to delivering excellent results.

We believe our services and strategies in digital marketing which will create a highly successful result in your business.

Creating Engaging Social Content

At Calpar, we begin with planning and preparation of dynamic social contents and their calendar to manage and guide to your business goals. We create hash tag campaigns and strong use of keywords in order to grow the social audience and follower base of your business. By sharing/ retweeting related news and liking the social posts makes the business get updated within the industry .

Posting Company Related Updates

At Calpar, Our team engage with social media audience by sharing company related posts, news, press releases, events and other insights which highlights the company into the spot light of social media.
We also gives close attention to all the trends happening in the industry and share them with related updates. All updates are graphically posted as images, texts or movies. These strategies will help to gain a competitive adavntage in the target market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization maximse the number of visitors in a website and makes sure it appears at the top results in to search engines like google, Yahoo and bing. SEO is an on going process which optimizes the contents and settings in order to appear in top results so as to ensure business growth and attract new customers into business from the internet.

At calpar, our methods are optimizing the website settings by relevante keywords and other settings.

Sustained Monitoring

Since digital marketing is a key for business growth, it is very important to check and maintain digital marketing activities regularly in order to attain maximum growth.

At calpar, we regularly maintain digital marketing activities and continuously monitor each medias and channes, respond to any comments, questions and posts within a short period of time.

Professional Team Work

At Calpar, we believe in professionalism. We focus on providing professional services with talented managers. Since our major services are powered with human efforts, we make plans and programs in order to effectively utilise the skills and maximise producion capacity. We make our service delivery better with better discussion sessions, communication and work colloboration. We always thrive to continous improvement in quality by fixing with lessons we learn from our experiences. At calpar, we consider every individual as an important asset and provide with things to make sure projects are delivered in quality. Our team works collaboratively through all areas of project cycle.

If you want to know more about our projects and our team, please contact us

Flexible Payment Plans

At Calpar, we depend highly on customer satisfaction and support. We understand your business and provide with plans to make your payment with us more flexible. We assist our customers in developing applications in minimum cost. We take minium cost as project advances and support our customers in payment intervals. We sometimes divide the whole project into different phases and help our partners in achieving them. We also assist our customers to execute projects in partnership model which depends upon the quality of ideas and uniqueness.

If you want to know more about our costing for projects, please contact us