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Mobile Application Development

Calpar provides mobile application development services in order to extend your business services from web to mobile

Development models

At Calpar, We consider convenience and budget of our customers while choosing project development models. We offer following models based on the nature and budget of Projects

Fixed Budget

Execute your project as
per your budget


Execute your project in
continuous iteration


Execute your project with
offshore staffing

We help to Extend
from Web to Mobile

At Calpar, we create designs by fully understanding the customer needs. To make a successful Mobile app design concept, we create prototypes in UX/UI. Protyping is also good when customer gets an idea of how the mobile design will look like prior to start actual designing. Ideas and concepts are priceless as far as Mobile designing is concerned. We conduct discussion sessions in order to get ideas from different angles. Based on the outcome of those discussions, we create protypes. When a prototype is released, customer has to opportunity to review the concept.


We make faboulous applications for android OS which are best in terms of UI/UX, scalability and performance.


We provide secure mobile application hosting services for our business partners and ensure scalability and performance.


Calpar creates scalable applications for iOS with better UI/UX, which works in pretty cool on iphone and ipad


Today, BYOD trend is popular which is Bring your own device. Calpar Creates cross platform apps to match with this concept.

Development Methodology

Today, big as well as small projects fail because of execution mistakes. Or, the projects are withdrawn because of not meeting customer expectations. At Calpar we give importance in customer involvement in all stages of our development cycle. We belive that when customer budget is spend on application development, it should be as per the expectancy of the customer. At Calpar, the development methodology we follow is Agile. Agile gives complete freedom to the customer in application development. It is an interative model of development in which gives priority to customer choice. By following agile as a development method, we eliminate execution risks and deliver the product to customer in minimum time and budget. At calpar, we deploy our tools, project managers, analysts, developers and testers in order to make an effective agile team.

If you want to start an agile project with us, please contact us

Quality Deliverance

Quality is very important for a mobile application which are used popularly on android and ios devices. users remove the apps into trash if the quality is not good or it is not usable. At Calpar we give great care to total quality of all mobile applications prior to delivery. We ensure quality checks are performed in every stages of the development. We prepare advanced test cases and use cases in order to check applications are passed in mobile operating systems. We do device wise testing also in order to make sure the quality of applications.

Professional Team Work

At Calpar, we believe in professionalism. We focus on providing professional services with talented managers. Since our major services are powered with human efforts, we make plans and programs in order to effectively utilise the skills and maximise producion capacity. We make our service delivery better with better discussion sessions, communication and work colloboration. We always thrive to continous improvement in quality by fixing with lessons we learn from our experiences. At calpar, we consider every individual as an important asset and provide with things to make sure projects are delivered in quality. Our team works collaboratively through all areas of project cycle.

If you want to know more about our projects and our team, please contact us

Flexible Payment Plans

At Calpar, we depend highly on customer satisfaction and support. We understand your business and provide with plans to make your payment with us more flexible. We assist our customers in developing applications in minimum cost. We take minium cost as project advances and support our customers in payment intervals. We sometimes divide the whole project into different phases and help our partners in achieving them. We also assist our customers to execute projects in partnership model which depends upon the quality of ideas and uniqueness.

If you want to know more about our costing for projects, please contact us