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Our Products

We are always trying to bring new IT products by carefully studying the business and environmental needs. Calpar is currently working with some innovative concepts to real products.

Products for Business,
Security and Data


Our e-commerce product has ready source code which can be implemented in minimum time.


Our iOT (Internet of Things) concept is related with security, Clean India initiative and e-governance.


We are currently working with some innovative concepts in cloud related to business and lifestyle.


Calpar provide products for business in different domains such as ERP, Rental Management, Retail, POS etc.

Application Services in Cloud

At Calpar Global, we are deploying applications in cloud for business. These are focused for SME’s in various industries. We analyse industrial best practices and create products which ensures improved performance for your business and sustained growth, persistence. our business applications helps companies to run operations and scale resources around the globe. When using these applications over cloud, companies do not need to worry on the high infrastructure cost as they are using the services in a subscription model. 

If you want to know more details about our cloud products, please Contact Us now.

Ready e-commerce solutions

Business world is today moving towards more into online commerce.and Calpar Global runs along with that. People are more opting to buy products online as there is convenience and cost effectiveness. We provide ready made e-commerce platforms which can be installed on customer specified servers in order to make their online presence. Our e-commerce platform is loaded with features in which companies can move to their business goals easily.

Below listed are the major features

If you want to know more about how we implement e-commerce platforms, technical details and costing please contact us now.

Business Applications

At calpar, we provide products for business in different industries. Products are developed after careful industry study and research in best practices. We give great importance to data and simple business flow.
If you want to know more about features in our business applications, Contact US

Continuous Improvement

We believe in the concept of continuous improvement in Process and Process capacity. No Product or process is perfect and they are subject to improvise periodically in regards to latest changes in technology and simplicity. Our team focusing on researching more in changes which makes our products unique. At Calpar, we understand our business partners goals and we make products to match with those goals.

If you want to know how we manage continuous improvement, please contact us