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Cloud Migration

Social games, eCommerce sites, blogs and software-as-a-service (SaaS) all could be handled properly by rightfully analyzing the workload required by the application.

Determines the best target platform

Performance depend on the right platform, and in order to identify the right platform the right expertise is required. Tecrizon has experience dealing with over 650 clients in cloud Migration.

Cloud is a process in which moving of business elements including data, applications etc., from the organizations computer to cloud. Or it can be moving of various business elements form a cloud environment to another. If the process is migrating business elements from cloud environment to another cloud, then it is called cloud-to-cloud migration. The success of cloud migration lies in the effective use of middleware, such as cloud integration tools. It bridges the gap between vendors and clients technology.

By using Calpar Global Cloud Migration, you can reduce the traffic of using your application and hence in scaling your resources. Tracking and upgrading server software may consume your time. The important thing is, Calpar Cloud Migration can reduce use of hardware resources. By using our Cloud Migration, cloud provider will take care of this automatically. For a widely distributed development team, cloud usage will help to access work for remotely located employees. There will be more visibility and control over workloads by moving to cloud.