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Cloud Support

With a freedom to focus on improving the application, hosting is made easy with a public cloud, private cloud and dedicated hardware

Customizable, Reliable file sharing service

Made with a Built-in 15 day retention backup with granular user access and security controls. Direct and indirect integration with all hosted applications and services would turn out to be a huge advantage.

Cloud service is an internet based service that integrates various resources and data on a shared basis. Cloud service enables very effective data storage. It helps in store and process data and resources in a shared basis, so that it become easy for the users and third party that may located or scattered over different place. Users may be ranging in distance from across a city to across the world. Even if so, cloud service will be very effective and useful and also it saves the operational costs and time.

Calpar Global Cloud Support enables to store, manage and backup your data and resources online in an integrated way. The old convention of sending email of each and every data can be avoided. Instead a web link can be shared and all the intended persons can access irrespective of their location. Calpar Global Cloud Support Service can be used as a second copy of important files in case of any emergency happens. Also the Cloud Service is very easy to handle. Just drag and drop file from local storage to Cloud storage is enough.