Website Services

Calpar creates visually appealling websites and their digital contents in order to make your web presence more effective.


We undertake to create fabulous websites using technologies like HTML5 with stupendous design structure.


We implement analytic tools like Google analytics in Websites in order to get data to have more business focus.

wordpress development

Calpar customize wordpress as per the design requirements and provide assistance in managing online contents.

website hosting

We provide hosting solutions for websites in terms of scalability, performance and security and their maintenance.


At Calpar, we create designs by fully understanding the customer needs. To make a successful webdesign concept, we create prototypes in UX/UI. Protyping is also good when customer gets an idea of how the web design will look like prior to start actual designing. Ideas and concepts are priceless as far as web designing is concerned. We conduct discussion sessions in order to get ideas from different angles. Based on the outcome of those discussions, we create protypes. When a prototype is released, customer has to opportunity to review the concept.

Trendy Design Structure

Indeed, design is important for every successful matters. Whether it is architecture, building, software, printed or electronic media. Calpar deploys our best designers in order to deliver high quality visuals and graphics for websites, mobile, printed media and social creatives. Website designing concepts are continuously reviewed with latest trends and implement the best creativity in designs.

Content Management System

Websites play an important role in scaling the business upwards. Today, every people rely on websites to seek information and contacting the companies for services. As website is a global accessible tool, the content maintenance becomes very important. Contents are sometimes is geo specific. At calpar, we create websites in which the contents can be managed dynamically. The contents could be text, an image or even programs. Our team establishes backened engine and database for managing the contents without affecting the front end design structure. Good contents always make a difference in ranking the websites in search engines. So, content management can be used not only providing information to seekers but as a tool for optimizing the search results. At Calpar, we undertake development of CMS websites from scratch or customizing known CMS platforms like wordpress etc. Another aspect we give great importance is the security of the CMS Websites. At calpar, we implement all security elements like SSL certification, two factor authentication in order to make sure the contents are safe on internet.

If you want to start a CMS Project with us, please contact us

WordPress Customizations

WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world. WordPress gives space to the users in managing the digital contents such as text, images and pluggins. At calpar, we do customizing wordpress as per the needs of our customers. We integrate fresh designs into wordpress and even customize or make new pluggins for them. We do worpress customizations for the below domains and even more.

Web Analytics

Analysing the behavior of the visitors in website is very important in identifying the market potential and plan the business growth pattern. Implmenting web analytics in website not only attract new customers but also retain existing customers. At calpar, we help our customers implementing web analytics tools in order to see the reports of their business websites in well manner. Integrating analytical tools like Google web analytics and others enable the users to see all available report models.

Web analytics is also a customer relationship tool. It identifies the visitor behavior such as browser, location, pages visited and the time spend on each pages. All the reports are provided in lists, charts and graphs.